Making Science Interesting

by Darren on January 28, 2013

Good teaching and training is about making your content interesting by delivering it in a multitude of interesting ways. Maybe, toady you are going to have a beer, possibly a Guinness (a favourite beer of mine). Could a glass of Guinness be used to  teach science. The video below proves it can. Can you make all topics more interesting?

Sim City Ed comes out in March and will allow teachers to use the SimCity platform to structure lessons on science, urban planning, environmental issues etc. This is the first of the big moves by gaming platforms into the education space and there is going to be more of it. Great, it would have to better than reading a textbook which I can vaguely remember doing in my  high school geography lessons.

If you didn’t read it last week a Swedish school has made minecraft (a game) a compulsory subject. Good on them. Another attempt at trying to achieve educational goals and making it interesting. Australia, nothing. Come on have a go. Something.

Can’t see the video – click here.


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