Training Needs Analysis. It is SUSPECT process.

by Darren on March 11, 2010

Time again for this weeks training tips 56 video. This week begins a seven part series on Training Needs Analysis (TNA). In episode 8 I covered the basic definition of what a TNA is. If you still haven’t seen this then please watch it here. This video was by far the most popular video to date and is still getting many hits. I asked a few people why and they said that basically there isn’t much out there on TNA and it is still something that confuses trainers. With that in mind I thought I would go over the process that you should follow to initiate, plan, conduct and conclude a TNA. I am a bit of an acronym person and hence I have always liked SUSPECT (my own). Watch the video to find out what each of the letters means and what the first stage Scrutinise involves. The video can be found at the usual locations or below if you are a YouTube fan. It is available on iTunes.

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