Powerpoint Tips

by Darren on September 16, 2013

I have three great tips for PowerPoint that are really simple and easy to remember. After watching a lot of people presenting over the last two weeks there are three areas that people have trouble with.

1. Starting the PowerPoint show. Most people grope around looking for the icon or the right tab to start the show. Easy – press F5 (That is function key 5). The show will start straight away.

2. Moving from slide to slide during the show. There are many ways to do this but the worst one is using the mouse. People grab the mouse, position and then hit the wrong button. Get rid of the mouse and use the down arrow on the keyboard. It doesn’t move or shift around. Better still get a remote and use that.

3. Leaving the slide up for ages even though you are not talking about it anymore. It is distracting and detracts from what you are doing or explaining. Hit the B button and the screen blacks out and it even allows you to walk in front of the screen without getting blinded. Hit B again to bring up the current slide.

Easy. Try them out.

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