Wake up Australian Curriculum

by Darren on January 25, 2013

If you read the articles, newspapers and other internet traffic regarding education in Australia over the last few months, like I have, you would have been saturated in content about  the failing school system, poor teaching standards, useless curriculum and the new educational blueprint for the future. Please watch the video below. It is about the 7 skills that students need for the future (and based on my experiences many adults need the same things). Sadly this was posted back in 2009 and if you look around the net many other knowledgeable people have been saying the same thing over and over again for years. How long do we have to wait before an Australian Government does something, anything to the school curriculum, rather than just talking about it? As and adult  trainer I see the product of the school system and it generally isn’t ready for the real world of work.

Can’t see the video – click here.

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