MOOC’s and the Future

by Darren on February 1, 2013

Not sure what a MOOC is check this video out first before looking at the article below.

Can’t see the video – click here.

Here is a great article from Harvard Business Review on MOOC’s. It is basically 8 people commenting on various aspects rather than on one person’s opinion.  I am currently enrolled in two MOOC’s due to my experiences last year with the Stanford’s Creativity MOOC. My view is that basically anything is possible. As the technology gets better, as prices drop and as new ways of looking at education develop who knows where it will be in the next few years. The current MOOC I am working on is a Introduction to Databases and it is hard (maybe only for me). I was surprised that there was a lot of multiple choice tests as I thought they would be easy but they are really tough and they take lots of time to work through. This course has demonstrated to me that they can be very challenging courses and quite rigorous from an assessment point of view. I am also learning a great deal when I want to and the forums are brilliant with thousands of people helping each other to overcome the complexities of new information. There are 50,000 plus people doing this course. Amazing.

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