Learning Creative Learning

by Darren on February 8, 2013

You will have to be quick and decisive but there is a course being offered through MIT on learning creative learning. Enrollments close on the 8th of Feb but they are a day behind us in Australia so my Australian readers have a day or so to consider their options. This is their blurb about the program:

Learning Creative Learning is a course offered at the MIT Media Lab. It introduces ideas and strategies for designing technologies to support creative learning. This semester, for the first time, P2PU and the Media Lab are working together to bring the course online. We are opening up the seminars, course materials, and hands-on activities to anyone with a computer and Internet access. It’s a big experiment, we expect to learn a lot, and we hope you’ll enjoy it.

The video below also explains the concept.

Join up. If you want to join my group submit the code: 10534 on enrollment.

First MOOC? Why not try it?

Can’t see the video – click here.


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