Growth Mindset

by Darren on March 24, 2017

Photo by Matt Heaton

This post supports my last post on hope. Despite the irritating voice of the speaker on the video it is an interesting look at growth mindsets, improvement and the use of not yet in education. It starts with a story about Not Yet assessment in an American school rather than F for fail. The speaker says that not yet is great as it is a learning curve, you can improve. We use this in our training system but I think our over use of Not Yet as turned into Can’t Fail. What do you think?

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I hope I can pass.

by Darren on March 22, 2017

Photo by Noah Hinton

Below is an interesting article that collects relevant research on the concept of hope and optimism and its effect on achievement. I believe that I have always had a optimistic approach to education and training and passing assessments. Maybe this had a greater effect than I realised. I never failed any program or unit even though at times I doubted my ability. I know that when I talk to participants about assessment I always do it in a positive way, in other words, it isn’t difficult if you apply yourself. Assessment in the competency world isn’t about failure anyway it is about timing. Maybe not today, but with continued effort maybe tomorrow. Stay optimistic.

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Bias and decision making

March 17, 2017

Photo by Samuel Zeller There is a truck load of information swirling around out there at present on bias (100 plus versions) and decision making. If you need to explain this to participants it can get quite confusing. Here is a great article which simplifies what it is and what to do about it. Read the […]

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March 15, 2017

Photo by Me A short video below to expand your knowledge of how memory works. Can’t see the video – click here

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Listening and good conversations

March 13, 2017

Photo by Toa Heftiba This short video popped up recently and I have used in a couple of programs. It seems to go down well and has some good points about how to communicate – for both the trainer and trainee. I have also added a link to a good article on poor listeners. Can’t see […]

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Sunday Zephyr – Big Waves

March 12, 2017

Photo by Seth Doyle How is your Sunday going? We have had some lousy weather lately and maybe that is the case again today but make the most of your day anyway. If you can’t find anything to do watch the video’s below. I just like them. Nazaré – Black carnival from Kylian Castells on Vimeo. […]

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Getting control of your time

March 10, 2017

Photo by Steven Hille Below is a great video which might be useful for you and your participants. Can’t see the video – click here

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Sunday Zephyr – IQ

March 5, 2017

Photo by jesse orrico Feeling smart on this relaxing Sunday? Try out the IQ test below (provided by Cambridge Uni) and see just how smart you are. Attempt the IQ test here.

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Telling Stories

March 3, 2017

Photo by Robyn Budlender A big part of my training is stories. They can be my stories or other peoples stories but they are important as they provide interest, information, humour and engagement. Telling a good story is not complex but it is something all trainers need to come to grips with. Maybe the Art of […]

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Sunday Zephyr – Ice

February 26, 2017

Photo by Ivan Chen How is your Sunday going? We have had a pretty brutally hot summer. The video below might provide a little bit of relief. Beautiful scenery as well. Iceland under Full Moon from O Z Z O Photography on Vimeo.  

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