What’s age got to do with it?

by Darren on December 5, 2016


Read the article below from Harvard Business Review. It discusses the fact that from their research they have found that in the workplace there really isn’t that much difference between the young and the old. We make a lot of assumptions about age in training but I think most of that is wrong. My experiences this year with different age groups is that age has nothing to do with learning or what we need to train people in.

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Sunday Zephyr – Confronting the fears

by Darren on December 4, 2016



How’s your Sunday going? Hope you are having fun and relaxing. On Friday I posted an assessment on public speaking fears and discussed my own fears around public speaking despite having a job where I do it almost everyday. Sometimes you just have to confront those fears and realise that they are all in your head, not real. You want real fears? Watch the video below. Incredible!

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Fear of public speaking?

December 2, 2016

I tell a lot of my training groups that I still have a fear of public speaking despite the fact that I may not look like I do. I don’t think that most of them believe me. I also don’t think that general fear will ever go away. It does take only a few minutes […]

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Google Sites

November 28, 2016

Photo by Farrel Nobel I have used Google sites for a range of elearning projects as well as they make great resource pages for students. They are quick to setup and easy to use. Google has recently made them even better with an upgrade so check them out and see what you can create for your […]

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November 21, 2016

Photo by Bethany Legg A good video of a different approach to effective leadership. Hope you can use it sometime. Watch the video here at HBR

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Make Good Art

November 20, 2016

Photo by Rodion Kutsaev I think I might have posted this video in the past. It has been a tough, busy week. I had one of my toughest sessions ever or at least for a long time. It challenges your thinking and motivation. And then you realise that you are doing a good job and […]

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November 18, 2016

Photo by averie woodard I have had some recent experiences of participants challenging my knowledge and experience and grossly over inflating their own expertise. Nothing unusual really. I found this great article about why incompetents think they’re awesome and it made me happy and then disturbed. Maybe I am incompetent as well? Please read the article […]

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Day 4 & 5 Reflection

November 14, 2016

Sorry. My experiment last week had a few technical issues and hence I didn’t get the chance to complete the reflection exercise. So here it is now. Day 4 Reflection – Thursday Same group as yesterday except the topics are Managing finance and budgets and risk management. Overall a good day with plenty of interaction […]

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Day 3 – Reflection

November 10, 2016

8:30 program at the Ex-Serviceman’s club at Orange on Operational Planning. It is a group of Child Care Centre Managers. Great group and we had a good time exploring the process of operational planning while beginning the process of completing a complex assessment task. Done by 4pm and I am off for a walk. Back […]

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Day 2 – Reflection

November 9, 2016

Long Day. Up at 5:40am to ensure I am in the car by 6:15 and on the way by car to Chatswood. Park car at Chatswood (why – you will see) and then catch train to Wynyard. Arrive at training venue by 8:10 and set up the day before the class gets there. Today it […]

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