Emotions – what are they really?

by Darren on April 26, 2017

Photo by Andrew Branch

I am constantly talking about emotions in courses these days – particularly since emotional intelligence has really exploded in the area of leadership. What are emotions though? Read the interesting article below and maybe read the book.

Read the article here

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by Darren on April 21, 2017

As stated in my previous post I am doing a great deal of training at present around the topic of emotional intelligence. One aspect of that is mindfulness. Mindfulness has become over hyped and confused – I believe. To me it is just being present. Sometimes. You don’t have to be present all of the time because day dreaming or not present is also useful. Test your mindfulness below. The questions will give you an understanding of what mindfulness is.

Do the test here.

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Sorry – haven’t posted recently

April 19, 2017

Hi everyone. Sorry I haven’t posted regularly. It has been a very busy time, both work and personal. Lots of work ahead of the next few weeks. But I finally had the chance to sit down and post again. I am now back on schedule. I have been doing a lot of training around emotional […]

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Innovation Barriers

April 5, 2017

Photo by William Iven I have some innovation training coming up soon which I really enjoy. It is great to talk about and discuss but the real challenge is getting managers to go past the talk and encourage their teams to be innovative. Of course there is more involved than just encouragement. The big challenge for […]

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Sunday Zephyr – Meditation

April 2, 2017

Photo by Kalen Emsley How is your Sunday going? This week I was taking a group through emotional intelligence. Part of the program was exposing them to some basic meditation which went well. Meditation is something I have been doing for quite a few years now. Meditation has for many people become a very complex and […]

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Communication Debriefs

March 29, 2017

Photo by Margarida CSilva As you read this I am most likely delivering a two day training session on emotional intelligence, communication and relationships. Always interesting areas to examine. There is no mention in my program of team debriefs but the article below points out that they are critical for effective team communication and team building. […]

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Learning Myths

March 27, 2017

Photo by Fineas Anton A little test to start the week off. Tray out the learning myth test below. Start the test here.

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Sunday Zephyr – The Good and the Bad

March 26, 2017

Photo by Dylan Gialanella How is your Sunday going? There is a lot of stuff that is not right in the world at the moment. Maybe it feels a little like the video below. But there is also a lot of great, exciting and fun things happening as well. Get out there amongst it today (put […]

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Growth Mindset

March 24, 2017

Photo by Matt Heaton This post supports my last post on hope. Despite the irritating voice of the speaker on the video it is an interesting look at growth mindsets, improvement and the use of not yet in education. It starts with a story about Not Yet assessment in an American school rather than F for […]

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I hope I can pass.

March 22, 2017

Photo by Noah Hinton Below is an interesting article that collects relevant research on the concept of hope and optimism and its effect on achievement. I believe that I have always had a optimistic approach to education and training and passing assessments. Maybe this had a greater effect than I realised. I never failed any program […]

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