Emotional Intelligence Assessments

by Darren on February 19, 2018

Photo by nikko macaspac on Unsplash

I wrote a short program on EI recently and I needed to locate some free assessments. The article below is a good intro to the topic and also has a list of useful tests at the end of the article.

Read the article here

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The art of the short but productive meeting

by Darren on February 16, 2018

I have delivered quite a few training sessions on productive meetings over the last 12 months. I am a big advocate for the short meeting and I consistently state that a meeting should go longer than 20 minutes. I doing this for effect and I later explain that some meetings (only some) can go longer. The key here is that the majority of meetings are just to decide a course of action or ensure that everyone understands a particular issue or situation. Most of the meeting can be done before the meeting participants turn up. Pre- reading is the key. In the meeting raise the issue, allow 5 minute discussion, then vote.

Now that is not how most meetings go. People turn up and haven’t read the relevant information and we waste the next hour reading and discussing issues that people should have raised before the meeting.

I have attached a few articles below which may help you to understand and train people on how to have productive short meetings.

Read article 1 here

Read article 2 here

Read article 3 here

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Sunday Zephyr – HOT

February 11, 2018

Photo by Ryan James Christopher on Unsplash Hi, hope your Sunday is going well. Many of us are going through some very hot weather. It isn’t easy to relax and get ready for another week of work. Here is a great video which may help. Watch and cool down. Watch and enjoy the ride. Can’t see the video […]

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Mission Statements

February 9, 2018

Photo by Darko Popovic on Unsplash I was doing some training over the last two weeks on strategic planning and then operational planning. If you are doing this yourself you will know that one difficult thing for many participants to comprehend is the mission statement and it’s purpose. I found this great article which provides 50 mission statements. […]

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Sunday Zephyr – Cross Cultural Communication

February 4, 2018

Photo by Tim Marshall on Unsplash How is your Sunday going? At some time today I am going to be continuing an online program ‘Improving your intercultural competence’. I am getting some useful information out of the program and thought I would share a video from the program. Hope you enjoy it. Can’t see the video – click […]

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Google Tools

January 29, 2018

Photo by Elyssa Zornes on Unsplash I use a lot of Google products and tools from Drive to Tasks to Photos. They are great and they are free. I am currently thinking about paying for an upgrade on Drive so that I can back up my whole system. I am pretty sure that I don’t know all of […]

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Sunday Zephyr – Value & Worth

January 28, 2018

Photo by Nik MacMillan on Unsplash How’s your Sunday going? For people in OZ it is a long weekend because of Australia Day. Hope you are enjoying it. This week I have been working on a complex program, part of which involves conflict, negotiation and conflict resolution. By chance I found a great video related to negotiation and […]

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Mind Fitness

January 26, 2018

I had a very interesting discussion with a colleague about a program I will be running soon, It is on emotional intelligence. Complex concept and many ways you can tackle it as a facilitator. One way is to venture into meditation. I have written posts on this before. I understand that not everyone is open […]

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Video downloader – Wow!

January 22, 2018

Photo by Jakob Owens on Unsplash I tried this video downloader out on the weekend and it is great. Very handy to have the video on your own computer or on a USB when you are in areas where the internet is dodgy or just doesn’t exist. It is much better than the previous one I had used. […]

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Sunday Zephyr – Read more this year

January 21, 2018

How is your Sunday going? Mine started with at least an hour of reading. Did yours? I think reading is so important. I don’t care what you read there is just too much research and evidence out there that indicates that reading is good for your brain and your soul. For educators I think it […]

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