Sunday Zephyr – Daily Learning

by Darren on January 22, 2017

Photo by Mike Wilson

How is your Sunday going? We have had some really hot days here lately which at times means that you really can’t do too much but bunker down in the air conditioning and do something constructive (as opposed to watching TV). If it is one of those days today subscribe to this new site called Corbie which sends you out a short email lesson each day on a wide range of topics. You can learn something new every day.

You will find Corbie here

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Learners I Want

by Darren on January 18, 2017

Photo by davide ragusa

All of the most important things I have learnt have occurred due to a strong emotional drive. Pride, competition, envy, frustration, anger, fear of failure, fascination are just some of those emotional drivers. If you are not emotionally driven you will not learn effectively. Learning to get a qualification – no. Learning because you need the extra money to pay for your house loan – yes.

Honestly I don’t want to train anyone who just wants a piece of paper and doesn’t get emotional involved in their own learning. Buy one online. Pay a fortune and get an easy course. You want to learn, need to learn, must learn, you are who I want to talk to this year. It will not be easy but you will learn and you will succeed.

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Training trends in 2017

January 16, 2017

Photo by Clemente Ruiz Abenza An interesting article outlining some of the possible higher education trends for 2017 which I think are exactly the same for all training and for that matter education. It’s not all going to happen in 2017 but it will begin or has it already begun. Let’s just hope that the learner […]

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Sunday Zephyr – Reality?

January 15, 2017

I believe that I have posted the video below in the past. It is a video I go back to and watch a couple of times a year. I watched it this week as I am currently reading the huge novel written by David Foster Wallace – Infinite Jest, the person giving the speech below. […]

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Get your slang right. Alright!

January 13, 2017

Photo by Lorenzo Cafaro I found this website the other day doing some research. You might find it useful. It contains 5 centuries of english slang. Test it out – it will be there. Get your slang here

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Is Training Required?

January 11, 2017

Photo by Carlos Muza You know what I would like to do this year? It would be to deliver training that is required by the organisation and the participant 100% of the time. Is this going to happen? No. But it is a nice thought. I think all training is good if it exposes people to […]

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VR and Training

January 9, 2017

Photo by Samuel Zeller I read a post the other day (not sure where though) that VR or virtual reality would start to fade this year. In previous years there was much talk about  VR and every electronics company was bringing out a VR headset. The key issue appeared to be that it was really only […]

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Sunday Zephyr – Street Art

January 8, 2017

Photo by Maxime Bhm Recovering from the first week of the new year? Here is an excellent way to waste a few hours. The site below provides access via google maps of street art across the world. One of the best parts of the site is the guided audio tours. Check it out and relax. Access […]

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The Millennials

January 6, 2017

Photo by Ian Schneider I have read a lot of rubbish about millennials and how to manage them in the workplace. There is also quite a considerable pile of rubbish written about them in the training room. I watched the video below recently and it is the best explanation and process that I have heard yet. […]

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Do you care about what other people think of you?

January 4, 2017

Photo by Chris Christensen I have read so many articles on the lizard brain, monkey brain, the critic inside etc etc but the one below is the best I have read (ever) that explains how your brain operates and what you can do about it. I’m still not there but I am working on it. Please […]

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