Making mistakes

by Darren on August 21, 2017

Photo by Gaelle Marcel on Unsplash

Some of the most important things I have learnt in my life have been from some interesting mistakes or errors. Participants enjoy hearing about them as well. Mistakes are an important part of the learning process.

Read the article here on mistakes and learning.

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Sunday Zephyr – Growth Mindset

by Darren on August 20, 2017

Photo by Daniel Hjalmarsson on Unsplash

How’s your Sunday going? I have another big week of training ahead and I am gearing up for that. I wonder how many of my participants are thinking about the training they will get this week. Are they excited? Are they not looking forward to it? The mindset of a participant is important. If they are preparing for the change that must occur for them to learn then they will find the training interesting and important. If they are already resistant the learning will be difficult. The video below explains the growth mindset. It does refer to children but the same theory applies to adults.

Can’t see the video – click here

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Hiring not Training

August 14, 2017

I have been talking to a lot of organisations over the last few months about performance and performance management. A lot of the issues come from poor hiring. Training can’t fix this. Get the wrong person and basically you are stuck with the wrong person, Training is not going to fix that. I’ll let Google […]

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Sunday Zephyr – News

August 6, 2017

Photo by Jon Tyson on Unsplash How is your Sunday going? If you have a bit of spare time today try out Google News. I have been giving it a go and it is very good and simple to use. I was trying to just get positive good news stories but I haven’t managed to achieve that yet. […]

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The future of work and the present education and training

August 4, 2017

Photo by Alex Knight on Unsplash Work is changing but education and training aren’t. We have adopted technology in our teaching (just) but that isn’t what needs to be changed. The content is often the same as it was 10, 20, 30 years ago. Schools are still teaching stuff that will not be useful in the workplace or […]

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Practice, Practice, Practice

July 31, 2017

Photo by Niklas Tidbury on Unsplash To learn you must practice. Not just once but many times. But that practice must also be good effective practice. Most training doesn’t involve much practice because we don’t have time but if you think that through that really is a bit stupid. Watch the video below on practice. Can’t see the […]

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Sunday Zephyr – Perspective

July 30, 2017

Keeping it in perspective. Keeping it real? It’s tough to do when there is so much bad news, rubbish news. I’m having a week off. I am going to do a bit of skiing in NZ and I am going to be keeping it all in perspective. Great little video below on the topic of […]

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Blockchains – What does it all mean?

July 24, 2017

Photo by Radek Grzybowski on Unsplash The word blockchain keeps coming up everywhere and until recently I didn’t really get it. Check out this explanation. It might help. Read the article here.  

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Sunday Zephyr – Whales!

July 23, 2017

Photo by Jennett Bremer on Unsplash How is your Sunday going? It’s whale season and everyone loves a whale video, so here is a great one. Nothing to do with training – enjoy! Jem Cresswell “Giants” – Behind the scenes from Jem Cresswell on Vimeo.

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Training for new hires

July 21, 2017

Photo by Clem Onojeghuo on Unsplash A lot of money is lost in training new hires who then leave. Maybe there is a way to reduce that. Read the article below to find out how. Read the article here

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